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Showcased work

UK Prime Minister's Initiative The Big Society Network. Narrartive is a creative agency that brings a fresh perspective to every project we take on. We curate unique events that push creative boundaries. This is a black tie fundraiser dinner at the Royal Society of Arts in London. The event featured distinguished celebrities and government officials, including the renowned writer Carlos Fuentes and the Mexican Ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora. The dinner was served by renowned Chef Enrique Olvera and was a huge success, with many sponsors and donations for foundations helping underprivileged minorities. 

London, UK

Adidas. One of our recent projects was creating an animation using stop motion for Adidas Panama. Our team of talented artists brought their vision to life and created an engaging and colorful animation that captivated their audience. Check out this project and more below to see how we can bring your ideas to life!  {Panama} Animation. Storytelling.